Reasons to use Business Assist

Employment and health & safety legislation compliance are more than red tape - they can cause major headaches for many employers - but both are necessary evils. In the current working environment even minor accidents or disputes can have potentially litigious and costly consequences.

More and more organisations are recognising the benefits of effective health & safety and HR management in helping to enhance productivity, increase staff morale and reduce instances of ill health and accidents. The challenge is finding a cost-effective solution that works for you.

As insurers increasingly expect businesses to manage these issues well and look to reward them with favourable terms it is time to pro-actively manage rather than wait for something to happen.

There are many additional reasons why you should subscribe to this service:

  • It will save you money on employing a full time or outsourced safety manager
  • It will save you wasting time searching on the internet for answers
  • It will help you write or update your H&S policy and risk assessments
  • It will help you to self-assess your current procedures and suggest improvements
  • It will keep you up to date with changes to the legislation and relevant news by email
  • It will help you ensure that your HR policies are kept in line with any employment law legislation changes
  • It will help you demonstrate to your clients, HSE, staff and insurer that you are effectively managing your risks
  • It will help you to reduce the number of injuries, protecting your productivity and profits
  • It will help you to manage and resolve any problems that you face
  • It will give you peace of mind
  • It will help you to defend yourself from compensation claims.

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